Press Reviews

Impressive. ...These are the Assos of mountain bike shorts. They're that good. ...I'm devoted to them"


red kite prayer

Instead of a cheap liner, DirtBaggies starts with one of the comfiest bib shorts I’ve used and adds a super-light baggy"

singletrack magazine issue 84

...a great trail day has a pee hole!"

...very comfortable, providing mixing the seemingly incongruous benefits of protection and lightweight breathability."

... DirtBaggies may also be the best baggy mountain bike shorts on the market."


great advancement in mountain bike shorts
... worthy of an all-day ride or any 
epic journey."

switchback magazine

 ... DirtBaggies have proved so comfortable that they're virtually all we've worn on trail rides since they showed up. All our previous favorite shorts feel cumbersome in comparison. "

  ... ventilate better than any other baggy shorts we've used..."

  ... using bibs offers the usual benefits over standard shorts, including a far more refined fit, less restriction around the mid-section and a lighter feel that's more conducive to long days in the saddle."
  ... a light, airy feel that's unmatched by other baggies we've used."

Bike Radar review
4.5 stars



...can handle long days (6+hours) in the saddle very well..."
  high praise indeed in a group test where other "...above-average quality..." chamoises were rated as comfy for "...two-to-three-hour rides...", and many were "...okay for an hour or so but became uncomfortable during longer rides..."


So in summary, these are awesome xc baggy shorts. They’re very comfortable and they have the ability to disappear in a long, hot, 4 hour ride or race. I would do an endurance ride or race with these with no reservations whatsoever. For XC and marathon conditions, these are ideal."

Velo News review
4.5 flaming chiles

DirtBaggies are the freshest approach to mountain biking shorts since, well, mountain biking shorts were invented."

  ... the DirtBaggies are crazy light..."

  ... these things fit like they were custom-tailored for your body..."


DirtBaggies are a big winner. They breathe really well, feel super light and for the most part, you won’t even notice that you’re wearing them"


James Huang, Tech Editor at

Love these shorts. I’ve ridden them non-stop for three months now and have zero complaints. They’re the best bib/baggy combo I’ve ever ridden."

  Very high quality, light, comfy, and have a number of crafty features. Try them, you won’t be disappointed."


I've now been out on 2 rides wearing @dirtbaggies. Conclusion: genius.

Elden "Fatty" Nelson

  It was nearly 30°c over here when the shorts arrived and I really appreciated the lightweight baggies and well ventilated bibs, usually with normal bibs and heavyweight MTB shorts over the top I'd have been far too hot.
  I love the cut and styling of the baggies, the bibs are comfortable too.
  I kept my keys and bank card in the bib pocket and hardly noticed they were there. I like 'em, definitely my 'go to' shorts for the foreseeable future."
Russell A. - United Kingdom

  Great product, great service. Only biking bib I'll wear now."
Woodie B. - Utah

  Awesome! I wore them this weekend, and they were excellent. Very good quality. The mesh panels well placed and very effective. The baggies are both light weight and well made. The ladder loops on the bibs are great for anchoring the shorts without cinching them down and constricting my waist. I highly recommend, and will be buying another pair! Thanks again." 
John W. -  Virginia

  DirtBaggies are easily the most comfortable and practical set up I have ever worn. Perfect for super long epic days or really anytime you put your butt on your saddle. I gotta say, they are worth every penny and, honestly, the price is not much different from buying a pair of nice road bibs and putting an ill-fitting shell on top of them. The total system is definitely where it is at with these."
Bill J. - California