About Us

DirtBaggies was founded by Tim Lane, a trail rider, family man and mechanical engineer who's designed road and mountain bikes that have been raced in short rides like UCI MTB World Championships and Olympic games cycling, and longer rides like Ironman triathlon's and the Tour de France.

With his experience in road and mountain biking, and exposure to the demands of short and long rides, Tim became increasingly unimpressed by the comfort and quality offered by existing baggy MTB shorts - they use substandard padding, have uncomfortably tight waistbands, are built with hot, heavy and poorly ventilated fabrics.

The chasm in comfort offered by apparel offered for road and MTB is immediately noticeable, yet the demands are similar (i.e. 5+ hours getting hot in the saddle); folk have tried to get around this by wearing road bibs under baggies, but that's really too hot for most climates and still results in the waistband of the baggy short cutting into your gut.

DirtBaggies are a new type of MTB shorts, having a vented bib-liner and a vented baggy MTB shell. The bib has a fly opening so that men can pee without contortion and pockets in the bib-straps (where their contents don’t flop about when pedaling). DirtBaggies are constructed with the highest quality fabrics and a fit based off of the Assos, Castelli, Rapha road brands gear, but with less articulation at the hip to allow easier hike-a-bikes and a pad that's designed for and positioned with consideration for the typically more upright ride position of mountain bikers.

DirtBaggies have US and International Patents Pending.