FEATURE BIB | Mountain Bike Bib-Liner, Summer


  • DirtBaggies customized Cytech Endurance 2.5HD Chamois Pad delivers 7+ hours of long-distance pro-grade comfort.5-step tether ladder keeps your baggy shorts in place without requiring a tight waistband (US and International patents pending).
  • WeinerGate front fly front for easy "nature breaks".
  • Secret internal pockets on bib-straps keep small items snug against your body.
  • Wicking mesh construction for unmatched cooling.
  • One-way friction material on the back panel keeps your shirt and hydration pack in place.
  • Non-mesh inner thigh and crotch panels eliminate chaffing.
  • Lo-grip leg-cuffs do not pull the hair out of your legs unlike most shorts.
  • Bib Liner only
  • Designed in US, made in EU, US and International patents pending.
  • The best just got better.

    DirtBaggies have been described by the MTB press as the “best baggy shorts on the market”, “crazy light”, “genius”, and “awesome”. But we couldn’t settle…

    …Our new, Italian fabrics are thinner and more elastic, offering increased flexibility with improved wicking and lighter weight.

    Rated for 30% more saddle time, the upgraded ‘Endurance 2.5HD’ chamois pad uses 120kg/m2 foam to deliver plusher comfort; it is longer, encouraging fore/aft movement on the saddle; and has a narrower profile allowing increased freedom of movement off the bike (this prevents the pad from feeling like a full diaper during hike-a-bikes).

    New silicone infused leg cuffs are softer, stretchier, 50% lighter and better wicking than the previous fold-over-cuffs - yet they’re even more effective at keeping everything in place.

    The new DirtBaggies FEATURE bib retains the unique WeinerGate fly, secret in-strap pockets, bacteriostatic EIT chamois covering, one-way-friction keep-your-shirt-on fabric technology and 5-step tether system to keep your baggies from slipping while allowing a loose, unrestrictive waistband.

    The list of subtle improvements continues, honestly it gets a bit lorem ipsum dolor. Basically, it’s like the original best bib ever, but grey and even better.

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