:: biketown USA March 17 2017

In 2005, Irvine was named "Biketown USA" by BICYCLING magazine. By including a bike facility in Orange County Great Park, maybe we could be again. Click below for the full article:   The city is asking NOW how the Great Park plan could be improved, click here to find out how to write to their planners.

:: For a Great Park Bike Facility in OC, write to Irvine City today. March 01 2017

ORANGE COUNTY CYCLISTS! The City of Irvine is taking suggestions for how to develop the final phase of Orange County Great Park. The Mayor Pro Tem told me that the best way to appeal is by writing letters. I wrote a the letter to every Councilmember. I've you're in Southern California, please support this effort, I hope my letter will inspire your writing: "<Delete as appropriate: Mayor Wagner / Mayor ProTem...