:: Bikes!! Coming soon... July 31 2021

Hi DirtBaggies fans,

I'll soon be launching a new, quite revolutionary (dare I say, improved), made in USA, suspension MTB under the name "Digit Bikes".

I'm hoping to make a big enough splash that news of it will be inescapable on the MTB web, but if my hopes aren't rewarded there, I'm sure Kickstarter will let you know! 

- top-secret-prototype -

DirtBaggies continues to operate, and we currently have all sizes of the summer bibs and baggies in stock.

Thank you for your support, 

Tim Lane  --  Dirtbag-in-Chief

Watch this space: digitbikes.com
         or this space: fb.com/DIGITmtb
         or this space: instagram.com/digitbikes