:: The four and a half rules of saddle selection

READ THIS: <https://www.cervelo.com/en/engineering-field-notes/the-four-and-a-half-rules-of-road-saddles>


This well considered article discusses now to choose a bike saddle to match your anatomy - there's always been more to it than sitting on the ass-o-meter in the store.


Your comfort, or specifically a lack of discomfort, will have the greatest effect on whether your days in the saddle are awesome or whether you ditch biking in favor of Frisbee golf.


Before considering the innovative features and exotic materials that saddle manufacturers use to entice us, it's important to ensure that the fundamental saddle shape complements your sit bones and your soft tissue. This seems blindingly obvious, but without an understanding of the concepts it's hard to do much more than guess or take the recommendations of our peers. Considering the recommendations of our peers is often a great way of making a decision, however when choosing a saddle you need to be sure that you're consulting peers with similar sit bones, similar soft tissue, similar riding style, pain threshold and a vast experience of the different options out there.


Damon's article gives very useful guidance in making a wise choice. It's written with respect to road bikes, but most of the same principles apply to mountain biking.

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