:: DirtBaggies: more popular than beer, coffee, kittens.

:: DirtBaggies: more popular than beer, coffee, kittens.

DirtBaggies more popular than beer, coffee, kittens.

A recent blind poll suggest that DirtBaggies bib-supported mountain bike shorts are 900% more popular than kittens.

It’s a wonderful surprise; until now beer, coffee and kittens have been among the most Like-able things on Facebook, on the internet in general really - but I guess popular opinion wanes in cycles and it’s DirtBaggies moment to shine” said DirtBag-in-Chief, Tim Lane.

Another surprising finding was that public service broadcasts share equal popularity with kittens, though the particular public service broadcast used in the test lacked the eeeeeeeerrgh, eeeeeu, eeeeeeeerrgh tones used by TV, radio and dial-up modems.

ABOUT DirtBaggies:
DirtBaggies are a system of bib shorts to which baggy shorts are tethered, relieving abdominal pressure and allowing more generous padding than traditional baggies a to bring unsurpassed comfort to baggy short wearing mountain bikers. DirtBaggies are patent pending in multiple nations.

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