:: Be a pusher, be a shover, be a DirtBaggies lover

Would you like to help DirtBaggies grow and score some free swag worth over $150? Just help us open an account at your local bike shop and we’ll show our thanks by sending you a DirtBaggies Bib-Liner.

We're working to build a small network of great dealers so that folk can touch and feel the DirtBaggies goodness at their LBS, try some on for size before making the commitment and save on shipping. 

We’re kinda the new kid in school though, so without visiting every bike shop in the land it’s hard to tell great dealers from so-so dealers. We want to open a small number of dealer accounts with great local bike shops to help us keep growing.

All you have to do is tell your local bike shop about DirtBaggies and have them get in touch at info@DirtBaggies.com. Once they open an account with your name (and email address) as the referrer, we’ll contact you to get your size and the send you a free Bib-Liner. Easy peasy.

Thanks for supporting us- we couldn't do it without you!

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